Encouraging News

It is truly hard to believe we are almost 3 months into 2019, but it is a year Jessi and I are trusting the Lord to work in mightily as we take the gospel to a hurting world. Thank you for being an integral and special part of what we do. We are deeply grateful to you and your partnership. 

Your partnership (through Scott’s coaching) launched Neale and Bonnie (pictured above) to a Cru City team in Raleigh, NC. They have a passion to devote their full attention, now as empty nesters, into developing and networking leaders and resourcing city gospel movements in the city to mobilize everyday Christians for the advancement of the mission of Jesus. They hope to do that through churches, faith based non-profits, and individual influencers in the city and beyond. There is an entrepreneurial essence to Cru City and they want to invest well in the right people, places, and opportunities.  

An area Neale plans on moving toward is multiplying male leadership development groups he helped develop into other churches. In general, men have a tendency not to experience authentic and gospel-centered community. They’re praying that seeing men in the church connect well and deepen their trust in the Lord will make for a more fruitful ministry for communities and missions. Additionally, his wife, Bonnie, is involved in a similar program for women. Collaborating together with the envisioned outcome that “good leaders in healthy community tend to communicate the gospel and influence others in their relational network.” Learn more at http://cityleadershipnetworks.com

A couple weeks ago I took an intensive week long Christian Worldview & Ethics seminary class through Cru’s Institute of Biblical Studies that are taught by seminary professors. In the quickly changing post-Christian culture we live in, I am so thankful the ministry of Cru desires for its missionary workers to have continuing biblical and theological growth. This class was incredible and extremely relevant in cultural climate, which will provide practical application in our ministry. 

We are thrilled for the opportunity to do vocational ministry and partner with you in this important endeavor.