Christians no allowed here!!

We are laboring each day to mobilize everyday gospel citizens for Jesus for the well-being of the city, even global cities!

Scott helped get an American family of 5 to a location overseas where few Christian live and an American would likely never think about visiting!

Last month, May, my friend shared this with me:

Standing in line for lunch Adam excitedly approached us. He remembered a past conversation we’d with him and his friend. We didn’t initially remembered Adam because his friend had dominated the conversation and not given Adam much opportunity to share his story. He wanted to talk further about the spiritual things. In the past Adam heard the gospel from a Cru leader (that we know well) and the concepts had persisted in his mind. We met with him several times over the course of a few weeks and each time he wanted to know more about Jesus and how to have a relationship with Him. While Adam believes the gospel and would like to follow Jesus, he shared with us that his entire family lives in a city where card carrying Christians are not allowed to enter. Choosing to follow Jesus would mean never seeing his family again. When he counts the cost, the stakes are significant.

Fast forward to this month, June, my friend shared this with me:

“Days before our family left for the U.S. for a summer furlough I shared with one of my coworkers about my last conversation with Adam. My coworker’s heart was not at peace until he met with Adam one last time. When they talked, Adam had already read much of book “More Than a Carpenter” and looked at the online home church streaming website (made especially for Arabs in closed countries).

Below is a prayer to Jesus that Adam shared via text:

“Oh Lord. I love you. Help me, strengthen me, be with me. Open my eyes so I see the next step. Open my eyes to the way of news and helping people. Let me see you beside me and see your outstretched hands to aid and help. Amen”