Life-changing Greek stories

Are you greek!? It’s unlikely!  Why?Because just 2% of university students are involved in the Greek system. I was shocked to learn that in 2014 80 percent of Fortune 500 executives, 76 percent of U.S. senators and congressmen, 85 percent of Supreme Court justices and all but two presidents since 1825 have been Greek (Cornell website)

Praise God for these life-changing stories of involved Greek students growing in Christ!

Ray and his wife“I want my girlfriend and fraternity brothers to hear this too,” Kyle, the fraternity president said to Ray as he got up to leave to go to class. “Can you help me share this story with them?

You helped Scott mobilize, Ray, a Cru missionary at Ball State University who’s passionate about students in the Greek system know and grow in Jesus. During their conversation in the Student Center, Kyle mentioned, “I used to have a relationship with God, but I think I’ve kept it on the back burner since being in college.”

As they got to know one another Ray was able to share about Jesus with Kyle. The simple yet profound gospel gripped him and Kyle re-dedicated his life to Christ and has been meeting with Ray since to grow.“That’s Megan, my sorority sister, over there! Let’s go see if she would want to talk about spiritual things!” Excitedly, Cara and Katy walked over to say hi to her sorority sister as they began a life-changing conversation.

Eventually Cara asked Megan if she would want to do a picture based survey about life and spiritual things. After dialoguing about Megan’s thoughts, beliefs and past experiences with Christianity Cara shared a clear explanation of the gospel. Sitting in the University of Toledo’s Student Center with the commotion of students all around Megan made a life-changing decision to trust in Jesus!Pray those in the university greek system would come to Jesus.