Using the Digital Age for Good

“You’re probably wondering what led me to ask Jesus into my life recently…Reading your website set me free…Jesus set me free!”     – Middle Eastern man said online

In May, Barna published a study, called Evangelism in a Digital Age, discovering technology’s role in Christian evangelism (social media, email, texting, chats, etc.) is on the rise. 31% of self-identified Christians use digital communications to share theirfaith with a non-Christian. Even in secure locations where Christians are not welcomed, like in East Asia and the Middle East, great success is being seen by utilizing technology to make the Good News of Jesus accessible to people otherwise without.

Stories, like the Middle Eastern man quoted above, illustrate God using digital tools in people’s lives and the importance for us to keep pioneering this new and exciting ministry frontier.

But a personal favorite are stories like Shreyas and Vikram’s (not their real names). These two young men first heard Jesus and then placed their faith in Jesus with a local Cru volunteer using a Cru developed app called GodTools(in the Google and Apple App Store). Shreyas and Vikram are only the second and third known Christians our local Cru staff are aware of from the Yadav people of South Asia, an unreached people group of 60 million!

Does that not expand our vision of what God is doing around the world through Cru, other incredible ministries and churches?