Discipleship-Evangelism-by-Mail Jail Ministry

James”, a Christian worker in a Central Asian country, was contacted by mail from a jail inmate named, “Paul.” Through the grapevine “Paul” heard that this Christian worker had Bibles. [strongly prohibited in this country] 

Can you send me a Bible to read?This simple unsolicited request led to a pivotal moment in “Paul’s” life because after receiving, he met Jesus on the pages of the Bible. Behind bars, life change in Jesus is happening and “Paul” wants fellow inmates to know Jesus! The Christian worker, “James” has an evangelism-and-discipleship-by-mail jail ministry with “Paul” and others. The behind bars ministry “Paul” is having is booming! There are now 75 followers of Jesus spread out over fifteen prisons. Letters are flying in and out of prison and from prison to prison. Behind bars, in a country that is harsh to the Gospel and believers, freedom in Christ is in season; new life is blooming and growing! 

Our network — both in the US and in Central Asia — is resourcing and walking alongside the Christian worker, “James,” as he continues discipling “Paul” and learns how to equip and help care for this growing–and unique–family of new, imprisoned, believers. Would you pray with us for him? This new ministry brings added scrutiny in a country that is already harsh with Christians.

Here is a letter from a recent convert: 

From V____,

May the love and peace of Jesus Christ be with you. I came to believe in the Lord after I met brother “Paul.” I know Paul for 5 months. About 3 months ago, while we were discussing our beliefs, I suggested that we pray to God so that “if your God is the one true God, may He make me a Christian, but if my god is the true one, may he make you a Muslim.”

It turned out that Jesus had heard our initial prayer and showed me that He was the one and only true God, there was no one else but Him. So that now Jesus led me to Himself and saved me from His wrath to come. The Lord chose me for His Kingdom and my heart throbs with the love of Jesus, thanks to God the Father. I also applied to have my official religion registry changed to Christianity to be a witness.

And would you pray for “Paul”, for brother V, and for the other 74 new brothers in Christ? In addition, some of these new believers are from even more oppressive countries, and will be returning home upon their release. Will you remember them in prayer as they face new challenges and opportunities?

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