5 Behaviors to share your faith

Within the City ministry of Cru, we often use a word picture to talk about our context being like a wild field versus a greenhouse. In a greenhouse, a gardener has control; control over the temperature, the type of crop produced, the amount of light, soil composition, etc. But in the wild field, you lose control of those factors and are, in fact, subjected to other elements that make growth difficult like predators, weeds, and unpredictable weather patterns. 

A wild field is what ministry in the city often feels like.

 Over the last few years, Cru has partnered with an outside research company, Cyrano, to help give us greater insight into how to effectively share the gospel in today’s context that look a lot like wild fields. The summary results of this research have been incredibly helpful as we posture ourselves to be impactful and effective in the city. 

Often, especially when talking about missions and evangelism, there is a thought that culture is growing increasingly antagonistic to having spiritual conversations with Christians. One of the biggest insights of the research was that, when 5 behaviors were present over 80% of non-Christians were willing to have a spiritual conversation about Jesus. 

The 5 behaviors are:

  1. Be present and listen – follow the conversation, not your agenda 
  2. Find common ground – build a relationship
  3. Walk in their shoes – take time to ask questions and understand their story.
  4. Talk like a real person – use language they understand, not language that is just used in Christian contexts
  5. Tell a better story than the one they’ve heard – how is Jesus “Good News” instead of just a ticket out of hell?

We pray that as we share this info with more Christians, it will change the way we view and approach sharing our faith! To read more about the research and view the in depth report, click the button below: