Sold Insurance biz/now missionaries

Meet Mark Wilson! When Mark was a freshman in high school he connected with Cru staff who desired to open Spring High School in Texas. Mark not only became a Christian, but also helped begin a Bible study for the football team. Mark became a student leader for the new movement that influenced a lot of his friends for Christ. Mark’s life has never been the same!

Mark and Jessica

Fast forward 3 decades to last fall. Mark Wilson is now a husband to Jessica, father of two adult children with special needs, and owns an insurance agency. Having previously served as a youth pastor, God began to tug at his heart to consider once again impacting teenagers for Christ. By God’s grace, he applied and was accepted for Part-Time Status with Cru. Beginning with reaching out to the football team they partnered with a local Christian hip hop artist. Auston Lanier shared part of his story with the football guys, and provided a mini-concert right in the football locker room.

At the end of the time, students were invited to an optional pizza party the next week where they could find out more about Cru and what it looks like to begin a personal relationship with God. 70 young men returned the following week for the evangelistic outreach. After walking through a “Connecting with God” booklet, they looked over the response cards. They discovered that 37 young men indicated decisions for Christ! Over the next three weeks 50 football players returned for follow-ups on discovering how they can have assurance of salvation, keeping short accounts with God, and more! Pray for what God is doing at Spring High School.


You are reading that correctly!! In the spring of 2019 Mark and Jessica joined Cru to be full-time missionaries in the Houston area. They are an incredible couple, who’re full of courageous faith to do such a counter-cultural endeavor. Now, Scott is training Mark and Jessica as new missionaries with Cru. What a privilege!

Please pray for Mark – recently he told me how a former student who’s now a youth pastor nearby wants to partner with Cru to open up a campus and volunteer, like his mentor, Mark, once did. One month later, Mark mentions to me there’s another school in town that heard and wants Mark’s help to open up their campus. God is doing a lot through Mark and Jessica!

Currently, Mark and Jessica are raising their financial support so they can move forward with new initiatives. Please pray for God to provide all the support they need to support their special-needs family and ministry. And pray for Mark and Jessica to continue to draw on the power of God’s Spirit as they parent Bethany and Landen.

You are incredibly important to this work. It is an honor for us to serve on your behalf. With your financial support Scott devotes his best hours toward training missionaries, like Mark and Jessica.