what we do . . .

Serving in the Cru City division of Campus Crusade for Christ, Scott is the front door of a missionary’s career – responsible for the on-boarding, professional development, training…ensuring missionaries are ready.

As university students, Scott at Purdue and Jessi at Toledo, we were gripped by the glory of God and the reality that apart from Jesus people are eternally lost. Knowing that He alone forgives sin and changes lives, we decided to spend the best hours of our day introducing people to Christ and His gospel through the ministry of Cru. 

Separately as singles and together as a married couple, since 2001 we have worked to mentor students and nurture transformational communities at universities in Detroit and Toledo.

More recently, Scott has helped develop and mobilize over 1,000 new full-time missionaries. 

In the summer of 2017 the Lord began to cultivate in Scott a desire to expand his influence to increase multiplying disciples in our cities to reflect Jesus together for the good of the city. In the city multiplying disciples have greater reach & impact where there are universities, internationally diverse neighborhoods, networks of millennials, influentials, artists, etc. After 16 years of focusing solely on campus ministry, we’ve watched thousands of students graduate. For example, while some millennials have navigated the transition well in their new life context many have struggled to thrive, crippling their faith and their gospel influence. We desire to point them to Jesus, ground them in the Gospel, connect them to churches, and unleash them to be all that God has called them to be.