why the CITY?

“I believe the missional challenge of the twenty-first century is the city. It is the new 10/40 window of this generation…” 

Greg Lillestrand, Director of Cru City 

We are seeing our culture grow increasingly distant from the Gospel – making faith in Jesus neither relevant or authentic.

Vision: Reflecting Jesus together for the good of the City.

At the heart of Cru City’s vision is a focus on serving everyday ordinary followers of Christ who desire to advance the heart and mission of Jesus in their context of life.

“By 2050 at least 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas…”

Smithsonian Magazine

Cru City has a growing presence of over 400+ staff missionaries in over 35 U.S. major cities. Scott equips, holistically develops and resources healthy and dynamic Christ-centered missional leaders, so they can then lead others who’re leading others to make a difference in the city for Christ. He serves in a national role, from Indianapolis, on the Mobilization & Development team.

Our vision is to be active and engaged in the Top 50 U.S. cities.