“I believe the missional challenge of the twenty-first century is the city. It is the new 10/40 window of this generation…” 

Greg Lillestrand, Director of Cru City 

“By 2050 at least 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas…” Smithsonian Magazine

In 1951 Campus Crusade for Christ recognized that the campus university was a strategic space and at a strategic time in people’s lives. That remains true to this present time.

Fast forward 60+ yrs – Cru world leaders began asking the question, “What other place, in addition to universities, are strategic spaces at strategic times in people’s lives?”  Our cities was the answer, Cru City. We see people growing increasingly distant from the Gospel all around us – making faith in Jesus neither relevant or authentic.

At the heart of Cru City’s vision is a focus on serving missional citizens, people like you and I, who are seeking to advance the heart and mission of Jesus in our cities and into the world.

Cru City has a growing presence of over 400+ staff missionaries in over 35 U.S. major cities. Scott equips, holistically develops and resources healthy and dynamic Christ-centered missional leaders, so they can then lead others who’re leading others to make a difference in the city for Christ. He serves in a national role, from Indianapolis, on the Mobilization & Development team.